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Daily Wage Worker Webinars

Webinar on Combating Vaccine Resistance Approaches, successes, failures and lessons Intern

Webinar on Combating Vaccine Resistance: Approaches, successes, failures and lessons

Maha PECOnet shares how Maharashtra PecoNet has leveraged digital technology to promote vaccine awareness and infection control targeting 300,000 people in rural areas.

United Way Mumbai, talks about the work that the organization has been engaged in during the pandemic and the many learnings that have come out of it for future resilience and relief initiatives.

Foundation for People-centric Health Systems, shares learning both from academia and ground on the effect and scale of COVID-19, and further shares how we can plan ahead.

Shawview Consulting, talks about their report on Australia's vaccination policy and lessons learned from the covid-19 pandemic.

Daily Wager Worker Platform, shares the findings from the vaccine survey report and how the platform is working to curb vaccine hesitency.

Daily Wage Worker Platform interviews Barkha Dutt, India's leading journalist on her new book on migrant workers. It is a monumental documentation of the impact of the pandemic on lives of India's 1.3 billion people. Barkha travels across the country over two years to cover the impact of the three waives on migrants, health workers, school teachers, children, fathers, wives daughters and pall bearers who performed the last rights for the dead. It is also a story of hope and human beings coming together in a crisis as well as a tribute to the millions of unsung heroes of Covid.Show less

The Daily Wage Worker Platform, Jindal Global University and Rise Foundation launched a new report with policy recommendations for India's 600 million internal migrants. Our NGO partners conducted a survey of over 8000 migrants in three states over the past six months and found over 75% have no jobs, 45% face food shortages and 31% have no access to healthcare today. We are working with a consortium of partners to address the root causes of the current crisis through an integrated package of services comprising, data collection, job placement, skill development, access to government schemes and legal awareness about labour rights and entitlements at the work place. In this webinar our esteemed panelists from the UN, Corporates, Industry bodies, Donors and NGOs discuss the findings from the Report and solutions to the crisis based on public private partnerships.

The Daily Wage Worker Platform (DWW) has collaborated with reputed NGOs - namely Operation Asha, Smile Foundation and The Medics, to launch The Swaasthya initiative. This project will be implemented in targeted cities by the NGOs and coordinated by DWW. Swaasthya  aims to provide a comprehensive emergency healthcare package to daily wage workers in urban slums, which includes basic health services like counselling, screening & diagnosis, medical & sanitary kits and hospital referrals. Our esteemed panel included Sandeep Ahuja (Founder & CEO of Operation Asha), Sanjeev Dham (Chief Operations Officer of Smile Foundation), Dilip Samal ( Director of The Medics) and Siddhartha Prakash (Founder of DWW) and Priyanka Dahiya (Co-founder of DWW). 

Government and private sector efforts to support migrant workers have had limited impact to date. The bulk of relief efforts are being led by NGOs, local residents and individuals who have come forward to support migrants and daily wage workers during the lockdowns. Daily Wage Worker Platform in partnership with Bridge India organized a webinar on ‘Civil Society’s Response to the Migrant Worker Crisis’ on 15th July with a panel of enthusiasts including Rahul Roy (member of Gurgaon Nagrik Ekta Manch), Noel Madichetty (Director at Don Bosco Network), Vaishnavi (Volunteer in Stranded Worker’s Action Network) and Siddhartha Prakash (Founder of Daily Wage Worker Platform-DWW) with Priyanka Dahiya (Co-founder of DWW) as the moderator.

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