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Dharavi Diary Hunger Project

Covid 19 has struck Dharavi (featured in the movie Slumdog Millionaire). With a population density of 270 000 people per km2 it is nearly impossible to contain the spread of Covid-19 in the slum. Social distancing in Dharavi is simply not possible, putting the lives of thousands at risk. With the whole country going into lockdown the slum has gone into complete despair. Few people are able to get in and out of the slum meaning that getting food and rations to the workers has become a real challenge. Dharavi Diaries is located within the slum itself and thus able to reach those in need without comprising their health and safety. 

Who are Dharavi Diary?

Dharavi Diary is a project under Gyanodaya Foundation, dedicated to building problem solving skills and innovation among youth and women in low income groups.

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What are they doing?

Our goal in the next couple of weeks is to raise 100,000 USD for Dharavi to feed 50,000 slum-dwellers for 14 days. We are hoping to collect as many local donations, big or small. Each cent goes towards putting together an essential kit.


For every $15 that you donate, Dharavi Diary can distribute 1 kit to a family of 6 to help them survive for 2 weeks. Each kit includes 10kg of rice, 5kg of atta flour, 1 litre of oil, 2kg of daal, and 2 bars of soap.

All proceeds will go directly to Gyanodaya Foundation for the purchase and distribution of rations. Daily Wage Worker is helping to raise funds for the campaign.


''$15 can feed a family of 6

 for 2 weeks''

Videos from the field

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