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Following are some ventures to provide food and other essentials to daily wage workers:
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Helpline Numbers

  1. District Call Center: 1950 (09:00 am to 21:00 pm)

  2. Ambulance Helpline: 108 (24x7)

  3. 9953618102 (24x7)

  4. 0124-2322412 (09:00 am to 17:00 pm)

  5. For Volunteering: +919319300500;

Mera Parivar NGO

Mera Parivar NGO are distributing free vegetables and free packages to different communities. 




Visit Mera Parivar Website

Visit Mera Parivar Facebook Page


Clothes Box Foundation

Is a social impact organization bringing a sustainable change in the community by Refreshing, Reusing and Recycling clothes. working with the mindset of reaching out to the vulnerable sections of the society and most importantly the hungry since it's the need of the hour.



Visit Clothes Box Foundation Website

Visit Clothes Box Foundation Facebook Page


Bhajan Global Impact Foundation

As a think-and-do tank engages in evidence-based policy design & impact intervention, in order to address key development challenges in Haryana. They are providing resources to migrant daily wage workers.

Visit Bhakan Global Impact Foundation Facebook Page


Help Age India NGO

Help Age India NGO is a leading charity in India working with and for disadvantaged elderly for nearly 4 decades. It was set up in 1978 and is registered under the Societies’ Registration Act of 1860. It’s focus over the years has moved from Welfare to Development. It provides elderly relief through various age care interventions such as – it runs one of the largest mobile healthcare programs through its Mobile Healthcare Units spanning the country providing free healthcare services to destitute elders, it helps elders earn their livelihood through the formation of Elder-Self-Help Groups making self-reliant, it conducts cataract surgeries to restore their sight, looks after their basic needs though its Support-a-Gran program, runs Elder Helplines across the country, provides relief & rehabilitation for elders post disasters and provides active-ageing opportunities. Help Age India with the help of Zomato India contributed in distributing relief material to the elderly and the homeless people in Gurgaon.











Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon















Sarvahitey NGO

Is working for charitable purposes and to make social service a culture. They are providing food to the needy during the Covid-19 pandemic.



Sarvahitey NGO

Help Required

I Am Gurgaon

An initiative aimed at awakening a responsible, aware and vigilant populace in order to make our city, Gurgaon, a better place to live in. It has been envisaged to be a platform to encourage, empower and enable residents of Gurgaon and other stakeholders to improve the living conditions in their city. It supports health professionals by providing them with PPE (coverall suit, gloves, shoe cover, hood, N95 mask and goggles). 


Visit I am Gurgaon Facebook Page

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Contribute to Haryana’s CM Relief Fund

Visit for more information.


The Gurugram Study Circle 

They are raising funds for Covid-19 relief Gurgaon. They have already successfully helped out 65 dailt wage workers in Gurgaon. 


Pure Hearts

Helping to feed the ones who need it the most by sponsoring 2000 meals a day. 


An appeal to the industrialists and entrepreneurs of the State to come forward and help fight against COVID-19.


Mera Parivar NGO


Help Age India NGO
















Open Up Learning in association with Teens of God

Accepting donations to provide food and medicine supply for the underpriviledged families in Gurugram.





Community Efforts

ITV Foundation has held food bank campaigns to distribute medical kits and food packages to the underprivileged people in different parts of Gurgaon. 

Aadi Shakti Shiksha Foundation NGO has been distributing food packets to women, children and daily wage workers in Gurgaon.




IPSAA Foundation is helping those in need of food by delivering cooked meals to over 700 people and dry 1kg meal packets to around 800 families in collaboration with Gurgaon Police and Red Cross Foundation.




Gurgaon Nagrik Ekta Manch

Partnership for Relief Operations in Gurgaon

In Gurgaon, a number organizations have come together to cook and distribute over 20,000 meals per day to people in need. The Shri Ram School kitchen along with IPAC/Swiggy have been preparing a series of nutritious meals including kichdi and vegetable pulao.  


The meals are being distributed by the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon and other partners at designated feeding centres each day.


In addition to the cooked meals, a Distribution Team organises large drops of 400 ration packs of dry essentials including atta, rice, oil, salt, haldi, zeera amongst other items. Each pack helps a household survive for ten days.


Project partners include:

425 Citizen Supporters | Democracy Now | IPAC | Swiggy | The Shri Ram School | Make My Trip Foundation | Caterman Cuisine Concepts Pvt. Ltd. | I Am Gurgaon | Compass Group India’s #LetsFeedTogether initiative | We Are The World Collective


Distribution of dry ration and food to workers across Gurgaon, practicing social distancing to create awareness among the workers and keep them safe:

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Pure Hearts  Organizing in-house kitchen to provide food and feed food to approximately 2000 people per day divided between lunch and dinner. Funds and provision packages are also being provided. 

Rasoi on Wheels Foundation

NGO which supplies hygienically cooked packed meals to those who need it across Delhi NCR and Gurugram such as migrant laborers, those in old age homes, living under flyovers, construction workers, outside hospitals like AIIMS, students of non government aided schools and many other such locations. During this COVID-19 crisis, they are providing over 15,000 meals per day in Delhi NCR RS. 35 per meal. All volunteers and team members are taking adequate precautions wearing masks, gloves, personal protective equipment and also using baskets to distribute the food so that there is no close contact. In times like these, they are also distributing large amounts of rations to families that need it. We get a lot of emergency one on one calls and ration is provided to those people instantly — door to door. Besides this they are giving items like soaps, masks and sanitizers as personal hygiene is essential and buying these items isn’t a priority for people who don’t have money.



Visit Rasoi on Wheels Foundation Website 
Visit Rasoi on Wheels Foundation Facebook Page

Agrasar is a social impact organization based in Gurgaon working in the field of Employability, Education & Entrepreneurship among the migrant communities. It is providing Ration/Cooked Food while following safety protocols and maintaining Social Distancing on a daily basis.



Visit Agrasar Website

Visit Agrasar Facebook Page


Lotus Petal Charitable Foundation

Lotus Petal Foundation provides free food, education & healthcare to under privileged children in Gurgaon. To support the plight and hunger of the daily wage migrant laborer & their families in Gurgaon, Haryana, the kitchen at Lotus Petal is cooking fresh meals that are being distributed at various shelters to the resting migrant work force. The prepared food is picked up by local authorities and volunteer groups for distribution.



Visit Lotus Petal Charitable Foundation Website

Visit Lotus Petal Charitable Foundation Facebook Page

Lions Club Delhi Gurugram and Jaquar Foundation Distributing food to Civil Defense Personnel, workers and laborers of different colonies in Gurugram. 



+919958161866 or +919999728452,

Visit Lions Club Delhi Gurugram and Jaquar Foundation Facebook Page

Teens of God Trust Distributed food to 450 families of the slum area in Gurugram.

Government Programs

Feeding Centers by Gurugram Municipal Corporation:

Download the Food Distribution Action Plan with the button on the right.

Key Measures taken by the Gurugram District Administration

Relief Centers Setup by the Gurugram District Administration

List of relief Centers in Gurugram issued by District Administration of Gurugram

Gurugram Metropolitan City Bus Limited. 

Buses serve residents as a mobile grocery store bringing fruits and veggies from mandis to them. 

Corporate Initiatives

Zomato Feeding India

Zomato Feeding India Is an organisation who is fighting against hunger and food wastage in India. We have some volunteers who also known as Hunger Heroes pick up fresh and surplus food from community donors and events. Feed the Daily Wager Project is distributing Raw Grain Kits in Gurugram. Each meal kit (for a family of 5) contains a combination of wheat flour, rice and two types of pulses that can be used to cook meals for the family for a week. Each kit for a family costs ₹500. All donations are being used to procure and distribute meal kits to families of daily wage earners across multiple cities.


+918882123115 or +918800655589

Visit Feeding India Website

Janta Rasoi of Shanghai Express

The kitchens of Shanghai Surprise, a cloud kitchen based in DLF 3 in Gurgaon, is currently functioning as the centre of the community-led initiative ‘Janta Rasoi’ which is offering food to the daily wagers who are out of work due to the lockdown. From 150 meals a day they have reached 300 meals a day and plans to grow to 3000 meals a day (their capacity to produce is maximum 3000 portions of Khichdi a day).




Visit Janta Rasoi of Shanghai Express Facebook Page

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