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From a small village in Darbhanga in Bihar. Barkha Dutt reports the plight of migrant workers a year after the lockdowns, in conversation with conversation with Chinmay Tumbe, Ranu Bhogal and DWWP founder, Siddhartha Prakash

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Our Founder, Siddhartha Prakash sat down for an interview with Radio Vostok in Geneva to discuss the journey of the Daily Wage Worker Platform so far.

An excerpt from the Story Bar Podcast: Just yesterday, we got to know that Hundreds of migrant workers are fleeing Indian cities and heading home. New restrictions in some states to contain the second wave of the pandemic has stoked fears that they will be left jobless again. How has the lockdown in 2020 been for these workers? Are we looking at a painful and heartbreaking repetition of the migrant crisis last year in India? We have with us today Siddhartha Prakash. He is a Development Economist and the Founder of Daily Wage Worker Platform, an NGO supporting India’s 450 million migrant workers with access to food security, healthcare, and livelihoods. 

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Siddhartha Prakash and Haakon Lim talk to Swiss Radio Espace 2 about the platform and the “To Dharavi with Love campaign”. They discuss how local Swiss artist Chelan and celebrated violinist Ambi Subramaniam have used music to help the campaign gain funds.

Italian Radio Interview DWWP
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Radiotelevisione Svizzera interviews Siddhartha Prakash about Project Adhikaar in tribal districts of Odisha. DWWP partnered with Mahashakti foundation to connect 6000 migrant workers with 5 government welfare schemes. 

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