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Dharavi: Asia's Largest Slum

A repository of articles about Dharavi from 

Daily Wage Worker and the mainstream media.


A virtual tour of Mumbai's informal sector

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Dharavi is a locality within Mumbai and is one of Asia’s largest slums. Considered a city within a city, it is home to over a million people, mainly workers.

The Relevance of Dharavi in Pop Culture

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"With an area of just 2.1 km^2 and a population of around 1 million people, Dharavi seems to have captured global attention as a prime example of the hardships of life in such conditions."

What challenges is Dharavi facing today?

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''One of the main challenges Dharavi faces is its population density. A million people are crammed into one square mile in the slum...''

To Dharavi with Love - An Outcry against Covid-19

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Read a poem written by Dharavi youth to raise funds during the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic

To Dharavi with Love - A collaborative Music Project

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A collaboration between Dharavi Diary, Daily Wage Worker Platform, Swiss artists Chelan and Jonas Schwegler

Corona strikes Dharavi but maximum city responds


"Mumbai, a city of approx 25 million people, of which around 10 million live in slums, where a room 8x12 feet is considered a luxury, is dealing with the biggest crises it has ever faced."


Bloomberg Quint: Dharavi emerges as COVID-19 hotspot


"In Dharavi, which sleeps thousands of daily wagers and hosts businesses run from huts with a tarpaulin roof, tensions are rising. Some youth pelted stones after police tried to seal the area." 


The Hindu: Dharavi emerges as COVID-19 hotspot

“We don't know if the person contracted the virus in Worli or Dharavi. Since the first Dharavi patient was tested positive a week after he developed symptoms, it is possible that the sweeper contracted it in Dharavi. "

BBC: How Asia's biggest slum contained the coronavirus


"The scale of the measures put in place - a mix of draconian containment, extensive screening and providing free food to an out-of-work population - has been extraordinary."

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