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To Dharavi with Love - A collaborative Music Project

A collaboration between Dharavi Diary, Daily Wage Worker Platform, Swiss artists Chelan and Jonas Schwegler

India has recorded 200,000 Covid 19 cases to date. A nationwide lockdown means that construction workers, street vendors, maids, rickshaw pullers and other informal workers comprising 90% of India’s workforce, are left without an income to pay for food, shelter and healthcare. Thousands of migrants have been walking 300-500 kilometers without any means or social security to reach their villages. The Daily Wage Worker Platform seeks to provide food security during the lockdown, healthcare in the medium term and livelihoods in the post Covid environment.

The Indian state of Maharashtra has become the epicenter of Covid 19, with over 60,000 cases and 1600 deaths. The city of Mumbai has been declared a red zone with over 30,000 cases. Hence we have focused our efforts on Mumbai’s largest slum Dharavi where Covid 19 is rampant. One million migrants and workers are crammed in a population density of 270,000 people per km2. Social distancing in Dharavi is simply not possible. With no income and food supplies for two months, slum dwellers are more likely to die of starvation than infection. As a result, we have decided to support Dharavi Diary, a project of the Gyanodaya Foundation, dedicated to collecting ration requests and distributing food kits to keep migrants and daily wage workers home.

Daily Wage Worker Platform has released an exciting song and music video composed, produced, and filmed by two local Geneva artists. The song is based on lyrics written by the Dharavi Diary Change Makers. The song’s verses are words of hope and calls for action written by children living in Dharavi as an outcry against the Covid 19 tragedy in Dharavi. Chelan (@staircaserecordings) is an up and coming musician and producer who composed and recorded the song. He’s a self taught producer, and plays several instruments. Some of his strongest influences include artists such as Jacob Collier, Tom Misch and Goldlink. “I was excited to work on the project pro bono because I felt that it was such a worthwhile and meaningful cause” says Chelan. Jonas Schwegler (@jonas.schwegler) is a talented videographer who filmed and edited the music video. He recently graduated from the International School of Geneva and will be studying Film and Television at the University of Bristol.

Through Art, our platform seeks to garner more support and donations for the Dharavi initiative. So far we have raised 48,000 dollars for Dharavi and hope to continue raising funds to feed some of the world’s most vulnerable workers.

With each share of the song we hope to get a donation for Dharavi.


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