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Following are some ventures to provide food and other essentials to daily wage workers:
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Covid Goa Outreach


Covid Outreach Goa is a wholly voluntary group of citizens that has come together to support over 4000 migrants stranded in Goa during the lockdown. Providing essentials, information and continued support.


Goa Outreach


Is an NGO conducting health and education outreach work with street children and migrant communities in North-Goa. They are currently working with other citizen and NGO groups distributing food essentials to stranded migrant labour and slum dwellers since the lockdown began. 



Visit Goa Outreach Website

Dakshin Foundation


An NGO working with the fisher folk of South Goa, they are educating the community on Covid-19 related health practices as well as distributing food and essentials amongst the fishing communities affected by a stop on their livelihoods.

Visit Dakshin Foundation Website

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Live Happy, Assagao


Live Happy foundation, helping with much needed Hygiene & Dry Ration Relief distribution to stranded migrant groups in Assagao, North Goa. It is requesting individuals & companies to come forward and support relief efforts with donations for; Safety & Hygiene Kits (Costs Rs 600/each) which includes Hand wash Liquid, Soap, Dettol, Phenol, Bleaching Powder, Masks, Kerchiefs and Awareness pamphlets; and Dry ration Relief Kits (Costs Rs 1000/each) which includes Rice, Wheat, Dal, Cooking Oil, Sugar, Salt & Biscuit Packets.

Goa Outreach


Have been working with other citizen led groups to ensure that ration reaches those in need. They receive direct distress calls from families and migrants as well as cases from the Goa Humanitarian helpline. They start the day by buying rations, packing it into individual packs and in the second half distribute the packets. They have distributed over 5000 individual packs in the past month. These packs include dal, rice, atta, onions, potatoes, chilli and soap. Each packet lasts an individual upto a week. According to founder Ishita they also make it a point to speak to the individuals we are assisting about their work and livelihood in hope of finding them work once the lockdown is relaxed.


Visit Goa Outreach Website

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FOOD HELPLINES:  The Government of Goa has a food helpline for feeding the poor and needy. If there is a group or individual in need of food – call the helpline, share name, address, phone number and number of people. Based on resources available, the Government will send a truck of food.


North Goa

South Goa

+919423890066  or

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Aastha Goa


An NGO running a school for mentally challenged school responded to a need for meals in their area in Mapusa, North Goa and have been serving cooked meals to up to 300 daily wage workers stranded in the state.


North Goa

Visit Aastha Goa Facebook Page

Alicia & Smith & Appy

A bunch of friends that live in Parra, North Goa took on feeding the needy in their area and in the process having discovered the larger issue of stranded migrant labour in neighboring villages; they have now set up cooking facilities in their restaurant Smith & Appy in Calangute. They are serving cooked meals to up to 300 daily wage workers per day. 

They are also taking food donations such as Atta (flour), Daal, Rice, Channa (chickpeas), cooking oil, spices, biscuits, vegetables, fruit and clothes. If you have any of these items that you do not need, they will collect.


Alicia/Smith: +91-9336715695

Visit Alicia & Smith & Appy Facebook Page

Donation Details:

Google pay: +91 93367 15695

Don Bosco



+919999955478 or

Don Bosco Konkan Development Society

The Don Bosco Konkan Development Society has stepped in to provide workers with meals and other essential support in North-Goa.


+919637889700 or

Visit Website

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Farhan Rasheed Foundation

 An individual citizen’s initiative to provide food and essentials to the needy in North Goa.

Goa Humanitarian Helpline

Formed in response to the COVID crises in Goa, a citizen initiative to start a helpline to respond to crises calls via a network of online connected volunteers, with help from local agencies like Goa Miles acting as a call centre for the technology & trained teams required to manage such calls …. is also helping to provide food supplies to communities in need and has set up a food bank at Sensible Earth, Porvorim. 



+918047192600 or

Visit Facebook Page



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Goa Outreach

Goa Outreach has been working in North Goa for many years helping to educate and empower those most vulnerable. Founder Ishita Godinho stepped up in this hour of need to not only support individuals and families they had been working with previously, but also have come to the aid of thousands of others. They have a small dedicated team that has not only feed thousands of migrants, but have also helped find some individuals shelter, medical assistance, and overall support throughout this lockdown period. 



Visit Goa Outreach Website


Goa Sikh Youth

An NGO of young Sikh men in Goa have been working tirelessly on the ground in relief service by providing cooked meals to stranded daily wage workers across Goa. Their choice for only cooked meals were based on two factors, according to Mr. Gill; “1) This gives us an opportunity to come together and do SEWA - Physical and Financial contribution towards a noble cause - One of the very important tenets of the Sikhs. & 2) Cooked food has to be consumed and cannot be hoarded. We have observed many people being supported by their contractors, panchayat or by donors but still ask for rations to save for tomorrow.”



Mr. Sartaj Gill +919657536238  or 

Mr. Karan Singh +918668594547

Visit Goa Sikh Youth Facebook Page


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Hamza Youth

Hamza Youth group in Ramnagar-Betim, are providing food to stranded migrant labour in North-Goa, during lockdown.



+917774995786 or

Human Welfare Trust

A national NGO, working with Humanitarian Relief Society of India in Goa, to deliver food essentials to stranded daily wage workers.



+919822182271 or

Visit Human Welfare Trust Website

Humanitarian Relief Society Goa

A Non Govt. Org. established to help the people in times of need. HRS provides relief and support to people affected due to Natural and Manmade calamities.



+919823158592 or

Visit Humanitarian Relief Society Goa Facebook Page

Joshua & Shivangini

Josh was one of the first individuals to reach out to ‘Act-for-Goa’ to see how he could help, after the lockdown. After speaking with several people he realized that citizen groups were being overwhelmed by the needs on the ground and the best way forward would be to connect people in need with people close by willing to help. His solution was this map to help onboard volunteers as well as register SOS requirements. From there he and his wife Shivangini jumped in with both feet to not only support the ‘Goa Humanitarian Helpline’ answer SOS calls, but later even mobilize a group of friends to go out and identify, verify & feed migrants across North Goa. Together these two have been instrumental in creating systems and standard operating procedures to streamline on ground systems of support for these vulnerable communities. These learning’s and systems have been shared across the state to volunteer groups working in Goa.


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Junior Chambers International

A Global NGO working to Provide Development Opportunities that empower young people to create positive change; is working on the ground with The Red Cross Society of Goa to help with food essentials distribution among the stranded daily wage workers in the state.



Eeshan: +917972383521

Visit Junior Chambers International Website


Live Happy

An NGO working in sustainable development for the community of Assagao, North Goa, has sprung into action since the lockdown and is providing regular rations and health kits to approx 500 of approximately 950 people (daily wage workers and their families) stranded in the village of Assagao, in North Goa.


Felly Gomez : +919960188801

Visit Live Happy Website


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Nandita Deosthale & Team

Nandita Deosthale is the co-Director of the Learning Centre, an alternative school in Salvador do Mundo. She and a group of 12 volunteers have distributed rations to 3200 people since 29th March, with funds contributed by a large number of concerned citizens across Goa.  Location: Bardez, North Goa.


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One World Yuva

YUVA is an association of enthusiastic youth who dream big and have potential to fulfill their dreams. They have been tirelessly helping on the ground. Food is regularly being dispatched by them to daily wage workers who are currently stranded in the state during lockdown.


Akhil / Raghuvir: +919921788055

Visit One World Yuva Facebook Page

Red Cross Society

The Red Cross Society of Goa volunteers have been working tirelessly on the ground collecting data about stranded migrant groups across the state in a joint NGO effort to get food and essentials to all needy people.


Prilam: +918308467847   or +919689510121


Visit Red Cross Society Website

Rotary Club Of Panjim, Riviera

The Rotary Club has been working with other NGOs and citizens groups providing food to stranded daily wage workers, operating mainly in Panaji, North Goa


+919822686847 or

Visit Rotary Club of Panjim Facebook Page


A citizens action group otherwise working on Road Safety in Goa, sprung into action owing to a need in their village of Aldona in North Goa. They have been providing meals and rations to large communities of migrant labour who have little access to work or supplies during lockdown. 


Cecile: +919823510074


Jesuit House, Panjim; Near Tato’s restaurant, Panjim Church


+919421289724 or 

Street Providence

Working in the field of food security for needy people on the street already, it was only natural for Donald Fernandez to start relief efforts during the Covid-19 lockdown; he is distributing food essentials to stranded communities in North-Goa.


Donald Fernandes: +918380097564 or

Visit the Street Province Website

Visit the Street Province Facebook Page

Terra Consciousness

Usually working in the field of responsible tourism and environmental education, Puja Mitra burst into action on a chance encounter with some daily wagers in Mapusa. Assisting to set up the first camp at the Peddem Ground in Mapusa with the help of District Collector, their group is now working on continued fund raising to mitigate the humanitarian crises post the covid lockdown.


Puja Mitra : +919623543526

Visit the Terra Consciousness Website

Visit Terra Consciousness Facebook Page

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Video Volunteers

Working in the field of media advocacy and based in Goa, VV is offering its services as a routing agent for smaller organizations and individuals working on relief efforts for daily wage workers stranded in the state.


Jessica Mayberry: Visit the Video Volunteers Website



Delhivery is providing logistic and manpower support to Goa Humanitarian Helpline in delivering food and essentials to stranded migrant labour in Bardez, North Goa.

Forca Goa

Forca Goa Foundation is working with Act for Goa and other NGOs coordinating food distribution amongst the many stranded daily wage worker communities across Goa. They are also offering their Foundations fund routing services for on-ground actions led by citizen groups and smaller organizations with no such facilities themselves. And have generously promised to match each donation made via their channel with the same amount dedicated to on-ground food and essential distribution.

Visit Forca Goa Website

Goa Miles

Goa Miles is partnering with Goa Humanitarian Helpline and providing call center services to crises calls being received from across the state.

Titos Foundation

Goa Miles is partnering with Goa Humanitarian Helpline and providing call center services to crises calls being received from across the state.

Contact: +919768700800 or

The Biryani Hub + The Goans Food Outlet

Wom Kitchen (By Thalassa)

Relief kitchen serving cooked meals, run by Mariketty of Thalassa for stranded migrant labour connected to the tourism industry in the coastal belt of Anjuna / Vagator, North-Goa, from the WOM Restaurant in Vagator.

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