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Following are some ventures to provide food and other essentials to daily wage workers:

A consortium of seven organizations and unions led by Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan, People’s Union for Civil Liberties, Centre for Equity Studies, Helping Hand foundation, Rajasthan Nirmal General Mazdoor union, Rajasthan Mahila Kam Kaj union, Mehnat Kash Kalyan Sandarbh Kendra, Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti are working tirelessly to ensure that daily wage workers receive dry ration. 



Mukesh: +919468862200


Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti

With an extensive network, the organization is independently providing ration to the homeless and attempting to create PPE kits through it’s women SHG groups.



Komal Srivastava: +919414078740
Visit Bharat Gyan Vigya Samiti Website

Azim Premji Foundation

The foundation is spearheading relief efforts by providing kits which include dry ration and non-essential items (sanitizer, soap etc) to civil society organizations undertaking relief efforts and acting as distribution channels.


Komal Srivastava: +919414078740

Visit Azim Premji Foundation Website


Helping Hand Foundation

Helping Hand Foundation, through it’s extensive network of volunteers across the city is supplying  dry ration kits to quarantined families and daily wage workers covering 8-10 days. 



Nai Mansuri: +919587041666 or +919587051666



A helpline number 7891274240 and two resource centers have been established by Prayas to assist people in availing information regarding COVID19 and various social benefit schemes announced by the Government and to assist them in accessing those benefits. The helpline also provides assistance to people in need of emergency health care services.


Contact: +917891274240

Visit Prayas Website

Samarth Helpline

Samarth helpline number +919462727972199 created by Nisha Siddhu and some other volunteers to connect distressed workers with rations.


India CoWin Action Network 

I-CAN (India Co-Win Action Network) is an initiative to help underprivileged communities that have been hardest hit due COVID-19. It is a unique movement to combat the pandemic through an online platform that connects those who are in need of help and those who can provide it. I-CAN (India Co-Win Action Network) is an initiative by Atal Incubation Centre- Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini (AIC-RMP) and Connecting Dreams Foundation (CDF). 


Atal Purohit: +918003707297

Visit India CoWin Action Network Website


NS Green Solutions

Jaipur's entrepreneur, Ms. Neeta Dundlod of NS Green Solutions is manufacturing ‘3-Ply Protective Face Masks’ in a bid to combat the Coronavirus outbreak. The company has started a mask manufacturing company in the Vishwakarma Industrial Area. Similarly, they are also counselled and monitored on a daily basis for maintaining good hygiene. Each worker is being offered a compensation of Re.1 per mask and 0.50 paise for quality control. Every family is making around 1000-2000 masks per day and thus earning approximately Rs. 1000-2000 per day. Apart from the workers, these masks are also being offered free of cost to the police force, vegetable vendors in the neighbourhood and the cleaning staff.

Rajasthan Nagrik Manch

The network has been actively in liasoning with the government on ensuring that dry rations are accessible along with transportation of non-COVID emergency health cases to the hospitals. They have also purchased portable sanitizer machines to Charidiwari area of the city. They have also created an initiative called ‘Suniye Sarkar’ for streamline accountability to the government for fighting hunger. 13 staff from the organization are manning these concerns. The numbers are below:

  • Basant Haryana, 9887767688

  • R.S Sharma: 9414322753

  • Muzammil Rizvi:7877880601

  • Hemlata Kasautiya: 9462084975

  • Murad Khan: 9887860346

  • Ramavtak Agrawal:9829356901

  • Sabir Kureshi:790912020

  • Mahtaram kala:8233360614

  • Ghansham Kotwani:769631313

  • Puja Singh: 8058066227

  • Hemendra: 9414253711

  • Zahid Nirman: 9829994222

  • Anil:9460068412

Help Required

There is a continuous need to support various organizations working in the city and it’s fringes towards getting additional ration kits. The Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan requires more support in terms of such kits. Please get in touch with Mukesh : +919468862200 for more details.They strongly advocate no money rather only ration kit support.


Helping Hands foundation 

Jaipur Rugs Foundation #Wecare

Circle of Passion, a movement created to provide interim relief to the weavers of the carpet industry whose livelihoods have been affected due to the COVID19 pandemic by JRF. Support would enable safeguarding the basics:

  • Distribution of ration and PPE kit to the weavers (Masks, soaps, sanitizer, rice, pulses, wheat flour and edible oil).

  • Stimulus Check to support their families during this difficult phase.

  • To provide emergency support for critical illness, both COVID related and otherwise to all the weavers and their families.


Bank details to make donations for COVID-19 pandemic.

Name of Bank Account: Jaipur Rugs Foundation


Account No.: 2987002100153345

IFSC Code: PUNB0298700

MICR Code: 302024020




Help Age India NGO  

With the support of Zomato India is supporting Covid19 relief efforts by providing much needed ration to the poor daily wage workers and elders as a part of the Feeding India initiative with distribution in the slums of Jaipur for migrants from Bihar, Chhattisgarh, UPand Jharkhand.




BKS-SRC in collaboration with the Deputy Commissioner of Ranchi distributed relief packages o the daily wage workers, their families and the migrant laborers staying in the villages of Jaipur.

Ramakrishna Mission


Ramakrishna Mission started relief services in Jaipur by distributing food kits to 90 poor families near the Jaipur stadium.

Humanity First India Jaipur Chapter


Humanity First India Jaipur Chapter had the opportunity to serve poor and needy families in Jaipur by providing them food ration kits.

Naya Sawera NGO


Naya Sawera NGO started giving dry ration cooked food packets, and packets of sanitary pad to the marginalized section of the society during their Covid19 relief work.

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