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Super Sikh Foundation

Written by: Sofia Mareque

Super Sikh Foundation is a charity focused on humanitarian activities to promote the Sikh concept of ‘oneness’ and the philosophy of ‘Sarbat da bhala’ which translates to “for the good of all”. They’ve been providing an average of 350 ration kits a day since the 27th of March 2020 and around 25 000 cooked meals a day since the 4th of April 2020. They focus on helping daily wagers, migrant workers and the homeless.

Each of their ration kits contain 5kg of atta, 5kg of rice, 1 litre of mustard oil, 1 kg of salt, 2kg of dal, haldi, zeera, 4 bars of soap, 1kg of sugar, 1 packet of sanitary napkins, and 2 packets of cookies. They feed 25000 people everyday in Gurgaon from their various kitchens.

Their key initiatives include fundraising for Khalsa Aid through their ONE RACE SuperSikh Run in Delhi, community-based fundraising for disaster relief, annual shoe and coat collection drives, and an annual ‘Secret Santa for Street Children’ drive in December. They also conduct an annual large scale tree plantation drive in Punjab, and a training and empowerment athletics event for people with disabilities. In addition, they help underprivileged athletes by supporting drug rehabilitated youth in Punjab, backing Guinness world record breaking Sufiya Khan through a crowdfunding campaign, and have free of cost fitness training clinics all year round to encourage running as a means of empowerment.

Some examples of the amazing work they have done includes their work in Bajwa Kalan in 2017. They set up a village gym, support their village football team by providing football gear, helped them set up their inaugural youth culture festival in 2019, and continuously nurture and support the village youth. Another initiative of theirs is the 2 day Festival of Humanity, with the objective of promoting the concepts of brotherhood and equality.

They were the first NGO relief team to be allowed to serve in the more violent areas of Delhi by the local police. They provided financial support, dry ration, and have helped rehabilitate 68 families so far. Your donations towards their foundation are instrumental in supporting their humanitarian projects!


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